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Our Facilities

Inland Container Terminals provide the following facilities for Export And Import Containers

  • 20' & 40' loading and handling facilities
  • Storage of mt Containers
  • Storage FCL's

Uses for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a perfect solution for short or long term storage applications. Your goods will be safe, secure and protected from all the elements as well as rodents and the like.
  • Seasonal Inventory

    Shipping containers are perfect for those products or equipment which you will only use on a seasonal basis. Store them away, lock them up and know they are safe and secure until the next time you need them.
  • Office and Home Furnishings

    Whether you need to store furnishings for a short time or long time, onsite or offsite, or if you need to transport them across NSW, Australia, or even the world, then shipping containers are your answer.
  • Agricultural Supplies

    If you have agricultural supplies which need to be stored in a safe and secure manner then why not buy or rent a shipping container. Inland Container Terminals can supply you with a customised shipping container, and we can transport it to your door. Building and Construction Sites - Shipping containers are a great, portable, option for storing tools and building materials. If you need a secure shed to store them in onsite, which then can be moved to your next worksite, or if you need extra room to store them at your business premises, ask us about renting or purchasing a shipping container.
  • Storing Bulk Supplies

    Need to buy in bulk but have no where to store it? Or are you quickly outgrowing your premises and need a quick short or long term solution? Talk to Inland Container Terminals about the options they have for you.
  • Local or Interstate Requirements

    Whether you have a need for a shipping container in Dubbo, the Central West, NSW or Interstate, Inland Container Terminals can help you. You can rent or buy a container, we can move them or store them, just ask us how we can help you.
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